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Copywriting & editing

  • Copywriting and freelance writing
  • Blog writing (SEO)
  • Website content
  • Intranet content
  • E-marketing newsletters
  • Press releases & backgrounders
  • Ads and slogans
  • Editorials & feature articles

Branding & storytelling

  • Positioning and USPs
  • ‘About us’, vision and mission statements
  • Streamlined marketing materials
  • Logos, flyers & collateral design
  • Website content architecture & audits
  • Team workshops on branding

Communications consulting

  • Strategic communications for executives
  • Guidance for enhanced online presence (websites, FaceBook, SEO, LinkedIn)
  • Change management and business transformation
  • Social media strategy plans
  • Internal campaigns marketing
  • Manager communication toolkits
What can a copywriter do for you?
Is your brand story compelling and engaging? How do your clients and employees understand your company culture? Are you part of your own brand story or is that conversation taking place without you, by your customers and stakeholders? There are many ways to tell a story, and every business should have one. Company culture – whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational – is key to building your brand. Stories are more than just a summary of your history. They’re powerful tools that lets everyone know what’s great about you, that makes people want to work with you. They tell the ‘how’ of everything you do. Find out how I can help you uncover and refine your brand and culture. I’m a versatile communicator who can tell your story, positioning your business and aligning your message. Find out how, or get in touch to talk about your business.
How it works - hiring a copywriter
We’ll first have an informal chat about your project to discuss what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, I can help guide you if you’re not sure about how to proceed with your project. For larger projects and organizations, I can be there in person for that discussion. Once I’ve understood your needs, I’ll then prepare a quote that outlines the work that needs to be done, pricing, and deadlines for review and delivery. If you accept the quote, I typically ask for a percentage as a retainer before starting the project. I then start working on your project and send you initial drafts that you can review, and we’ll make changes if necessary. Once everything is finalized, I’ll invoice you for the remaining amount (minus the retainer). For larger organizations, I can work on contract on on retainer, depending on the duration and scope of your project. I’m known for my reliability and the quality of my work, so you’re in safe hands. Ask questions at any time during this process, I love hearing from my clients.
Pricing for copywriting
I’m often asked what my standard rate is. Each project is entirely different from the next, so I work with you to understand your needs and produce communications material to suit your budget. Some projects are charged by the hour, others by the word or according to a predefined budget. I work on retainer or by contract, if requested, for larger companies or projects. I always provide an estimate after our initial conversation so you know what you’re looking at, and I stick to my budget – and my deadlines!

Our first conversation

When you first reach out to me, I’ll try to find out as much as possible about your project. We’ll talk about:

  • The background and scope of work
  • Your deadlines and when you’ll be ready to start
  • Who else will be collaborating on the project
  • Your audience
  • Your project budget
  • Other important issues that you flag (e.g. non-disclosure agreements, etc.)

"A word after a word after a word is power"

- M. Atwood

Some of the great organizations I’ve worked with

Freelance writing services in Ireland-Google
Freelance writing services in Ireland-Google


Carole brings great initiative and smarts to her work. I can absolutely count on her when a deadline moves or priorities shift. Project specifications can often be loose; she thinks about what’s needed, whether is writing, research, or connecting with stakeholders.

What makes helps make Carole successful is her versatility. She brings strong writing skills, but also good design sensibility, web experience, and excellent project management. Her varied skillset enables her to take holistic approach to projects, and deliver from start to finish. She’s a delight to work with.

Jennifer Yu

Trials Lead, Google

Carole played an integral role in the development of the strategic role of the employee communications team in our organization, specifically in supporting our senior executives on internal issues management, visibility, crisis communications, and change management. A creative and engaging writer, Carole has the ability to quickly turn around copy that is creative, visually appealing, and engaging. Her writing and editing talent is complemented with strategic and tactical planning skills.
Laurent Caron

Chief Human Resources Officer, VIA Rail

We’ve worked with Carole Wynne for almost a year now. She’s both a highly professional writer and a genuine pleasure to do business with. I spent some time with Carole on our client premises and she works extremely well, adapting and responding to the needs of our clients. She’s a great asset to our team at Bard, and hope we can continue to work with her for years to come.
Tom Fitzgerald

CEO, Bard na nGleann

Carole is very engaging and clearly knowledgeable about communications. She did a superb job with our donor material. She provided web content for our alumni websites and worked closely with Marketing to produce excellent concepts that she developed into ads, brochures, fundraising letters and reports. She’s extremely resourceful and produces high-quality products within the agreed-upon time frames. Her services are an asset to any organization. I enthusiastically recommend her.
Sandra Spina

Marketing Director, Concordia University